Five Reasons Why You Should Move to Sweden

October 27, 2014

Social System

There are many positive points as to why you should move to Sweden but one of the best and most persuasive one is Sweden’s impressive social system. Sweden remains to be one of the best places to raise a family because of its strong social system and high regards for education. University education and vocational schools are free in Sweden, helping people who want to advance in life regardless of their social status. Not only is higher education free of cost, students also get grants while they are studying. For people who have just relocated to Sweden, free Swedish lessons will be provided. The Swedish social system is also the reason why there are very few homeless people in Sweden.


In Sweden, it is compulsory for everyone who is working to be given at least five weeks of paid holidays or vacation. This minimum limit can be increased with age or if you are working for the Swedish government. Parents who are working in Sweden are also entitled to 480 parental days for every child that they have. This is one of the reasons why Sweden is popularly known to be one of the best places to grow up at. Swedish people are also given cheap day care services, free health care and unlimited number of sick days can be taken.


Sweden has hundreds of years’ worth of cultural heritage. Sweden is particularly known for their celebrations during midsummer wherein people gather and have meals with their loved ones. Unlike the holidays in other western countries, holidays in Sweden are not short-lived.


Sweden is a country known for its beauty and nature. Since there is a small population of people living in Sweden, there is a lot of space for outdoor activities. There are trekking, hiking and outdoor leisure places where you can fully enjoy the lakes, woods and mountains of Sweden. For truly outdoor lovers, camping is legal all over Sweden! Swedish summers are also something noteworthy as you will be able to bask under long days with sunshine.

Public Transport

The public transportation system in Sweden is very good and efficient. In Sweden, you will no longer need to get yourself a car because the public transportation system is reliable enough and it practically connects every city of the country. The many buses, subways and trams you can choose from, you will be able to save money that you have to spend on running your own car.

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