Reasons Why Switzerland Is Better than Wherever You Are Right Now

October 31, 2014


Higher pay and lower taxes:

One of the main reasons why Switzerland is one of the best places in the world to work is because of their high wages. The average salary for a professional say an engineer or a banker is significantly higher than that in the US. The taxes in Switzerland, unlike its other European neighbours are relatively lower.

Amazing public transportation service and location:

Switzerland is in the middle of Europe, making other European countries very easily accessible to you for travel. The public transportation system in Switzerland is also mighty impressive. The buses and trains are safe and pay high regard to punctuality. Both intracity and intercity public transportation system networks are efficient and effective means to travel.

Higher standard of living:

The quality of life and standard of living in Switzerland is higher than most advanced countries in the world. The housing system, the city development, the food, the activities and the Swiss people themselves make up a city that you would love to move to and settle in. Aside from that, the crime rates in Switzerland is amazingly low, making you feel safer compared to other European and North American countries. You cannot find homeless people and beggars loitering the Swiss streets. The public places are very well maintained and you can even drink straight from the water fountains anywhere in Switzerland.

Low-cost, high standard education:

Unlike the US and even the UK, education, including higher education in Switzerland is very cheap. You won’t be buried in student loans and debts. Swiss universities are also known all over the world to have a great quality and high standard of education.

Better work life balance:

People in Switzerland do not work during weekends or in evenings. This is a norm that applies to everyone from office going people to shop keepers. Every establishment and office will close at 7 pm in Switzerland, and after that bars start open. People in Switzerland are also very keen in keeping themselves healthy, they are very sports oriented people and it shows in their physique and overall well-being.


Swiss people do care a lot for their nature and environment. They take pride in their magnificent mountains, landscapes and ski resorts. They make sure to keep everything clean and make less use of things that pollute the air and exude toxic waste. They do not like using air conditioners for instance even when the weather gets really hot during summers. Switzerland is also trying to change their transport system and adapt more eco-friendly solution, like what they are doing with the Gotthard Rail.

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